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Annotate proteins using DIAMOND, HMMER, and Hotpep via CAZy, dbCAN, and PPR respectively

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Note: We encourage users to leave your email address if submitting an entire genome or proteome; the result page will be emailed to you when the job is done.
8/25/2018: dbCAN HMMdb v7.0 is released; see readme.txt for details. The DIAMOND db is also updated.

This server will have a different URL in the next couple of months because our lab has moved to University of Nebraska. We will post the new URL here later.

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HMMER (E-Value < 1e-15, coverage > 0.35)  DIAMOND (E-Value < 1e-102)  Hotpep (Frequency > 2.6, Hits > 6)  CGCFinder (Distance <= 2, signature genes = CAZyme+TC)?